Malta is is obliged to adopt the UNECE European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road – better known and referred to as the ADR (Accord Dangereuse Routiers) not only for international journeys but also for carriage within its national boundaries.

Enterprises involved in the carriage of dangerous goods by road, but which do not directly employ a qualified DGSA, are permitted under the regulations to use the services of a consultant who holds a valid DGSA certificate.

Resolve Consulting can assist your organisation in complying with the ADR regulations by providing the service of their duly qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor who is certified by Transport Malta.

Experience has shown that clients often require expert advice with aspects such as the nature of the product to be transported by road, its packaging, labelling, carriage conditions, driver training, the bulk containment of the product, and the transport vehicle.