Resolve Consulting specialises in both design and operational risk management offered across a wide range of industries, providing expertise in life safety, property protection and business continuity. The extensive experience gained from adjusting complex claims following material damage losses, business disruption and industrial incidents, puts Resolve Consulting in a unique position to help clients identify exposure and manage loss potential.

Whether we are designing safety systems for new buildings or assessing operational risk in clients’ existing activities, our services help clients to identify exposure, and through adequate risk management, reduce loss potential.

We work closely with the insurance market and address specific requirements such as Maximum Foreseeable Loss / Normal Loss Expectancy (MFL/NLE) for Property Damage, and Business Interruption exposure assessment. The latter includes identifying bottlenecks in production, critical equipment that may take months to replace, and interdependencies among the organisation’s business and its suppliers and customers.

Business continuity planning is critical to ensuring that the essential operations of your organisation can carry on despite an emergency. Resolve Consulting assists your organisation in professionally managing unforeseen incidents by:

  • analysing your organisation’s day to day essential functions;
  • assessing the risks that might affect your business and focusing on their impact;
  • deciding which risks to accept, reduce or manage;
  • developing a business continuity plan for risks to be managed, giving clear details about roles and responsibilities, and;
  • assisting your organisation in rehearsing the plan to train staff with business continuity management responsibilities.